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The Winslow Boy – Character Quotes – Catherine – iGCSE English Literature

Here are some useful quotes from Terence Rattigan’s The Winslow Boy. This post focuses on Catherine Winslow.

This quote is from Act 1. Catherine says this in response to Grace, who asks: “You’re such a funny girl. You never show your feelings much, do you? You don’t behave as if you were in love.

It’s a useful quote to learn, as it tells us a lot about Catherine and Grace. It also relates to the themes of family and the media.

CATHERINE: Not a verbal protest. Something far more spectacular and dramatic. He’d had his feet on the Treasury table and his hat over his eyes during most of the First Lord’s speech – and he suddenly got up very deliberately, glared at the First Lord, threw a whole bundle of notes on the floor, and stalked out of the House. It made a magnificent effect. If I hadn’t known I could have sworn he was genuinely indignant –

ARTHUR: Of course he was genuinely indignant. So would any man of feeling be –

CATHERINE: Sir Robert, Father dear, is not a man of feeling. I don’t think any emotion at all can stir that fishy heart –

This quote is also helpful if you’re discussing Arthur Winslow or Sir Robert Morton. Plus, it relates to the themes of principles, women and the media.

This quote obviously relates to Dickie as well. It’s also a good one for the theme of family.

DICKIE: Suppress your opinions. Men don’t like ‘em in their lady friends, even if they agree with ‘em. And if they don’t – it’s fatal. Pretend to be half-witted, then he’ll adore you.

CATHERINE: I know. I do, sometimes, and then I forget. Still, you needn’t worry. If there’s ever a clash between what I believe and what I feel, there’s not much doubt about which will win.

Again, this quote is also useful if you’re talking about Dickie.

This quote is also useful if you’re discussing John Watherstone. Plus, it relates to the themes of family and women.

CATHERINE: You don’t think the work I’m doing at the W.S.A. is useful?

ARTHUR is silent.

CATHERINE: You may be right. But it’s the only work I’m fitted for, all the same. (Pause.) No, Father. The choice is quite simple. Either I marry Desmond and settle down into quite a comfortable and not really useless existence – or I go on for the rest of my life earning two pounds a week in the service of a hopeless cause.

This quote also applies to the themes of principles and women.

Here, Catherine is talking to Sir Robert Morton about the possibility of her working in the courts one day.

What are your thoughts on the character of Catherine?

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English Literature GCSE – An Inspector Calls – Quotes for the Theme of Gender

Here are seven super-useful quotes from J. B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls. They all back up one of the major themes in the book: Gender.

“I hate those hard-eyed dough-faced women.” – Gerald. This is a nice, short quote, so worth trying to learn. It shows Gerald’s attitude towards women. He feels that they should look the way he wants and expects them to.

“…not only something to make ’em look prettier – but – well, a sort of sign or token of their self-respect.” – Mr Birling. Mr Birling’s views on women seem rather stereotypical here.

“She was claiming elaborate fine feelings and scruples that were simply absurd in a girl in her position.” – Mrs Birling. Oh dear. It seems that Mrs Birling has some out-of-date views too.

“We were paying the usual rates and if they didn’t like those rates, they could go and work somewhere else”. – Mr Birling. Here we have Mr Birling talking about Eva Smith. It’s a great quote, applying to these two characters and also the themes of gender, power and social class.

“young and fresh and charming”. – Gerald. Eva Smith is also being referred to here. Again, this is a very short quote, so really worth trying to learn.

“except for all last summer, when you never came near me” – Sheila. Here we have Sheila addressing Gerald.

“You’re not the kind of father a chap could go to when he’s in trouble” – Eric. Mr Birling hears some hard truths. This quote can also apply to the theme of responsibility.

Which quotes would you choose to discuss the theme of gender in An Inspector Calls?

What do you think about this theme?

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