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An Inspector Calls Quiz – Literature

Here’s a handy quiz to test your knowledge of An Inspector Calls!

Question 1. The inspector is investigating the death of a girl who has drunk which liquid?

a) bleach

b) disinfectant

c) poison

Question 2. What condition is Daisy in when she asks Sybil Birling for help?

a) ill

b) starving

c) pregnant

Question 3. When is An Inspector Calls set?

a) 1908

b) 1912

c) 1914

Question 5. What did Sheila do wrong?

a) Fired Eva

b) Got Eva fired

c) Laughed at Eva

Question 11. When Eva appealed to the Brumley Women’s Charity Organisation for help, what name did she use?

a) Daisy Renton

b) Eva Smith

c) Mrs Birling

Look in the comments below to see the correct answers!

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