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Quick English Grammar Quiz

QUESTION 2: “That’s my brothers’ bedroom.” – How many people live in that bedroom?


b)two or more


d)I don’t know

QUESTION 3: ____ you get home, we’ll be having lunch.

a)By the time

b)In time

c)On time

d)I don’t know

QUESTION 6: Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?

a)I wish could do that!

b)I wish she wouldn’t do that.

c)I wish I were stronger.

d)I don’t know

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5 Quick Miss Havisham Quotes – Great Expectations

High society is likened to heights and to the sky throughout Great Expectations. Pip’s climb up the social ladder is a little more horizontal.

“You made your own snares. I never made them.”Miss Havisham (to Pip) – Chapter 44

The above quote is great if you’re talking about the theme of deceit.

“Would it be weakness to return my love?”Miss Havisham (to Estella)

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