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So, how do you revise maths?

How do you revise for a maths exam? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Ideas for Learning Times Tables

2. Invest in some times tables board games or card games

Take a look in your local book shop or online shops for maths learning games. Some good examples are Mrs J’s Brilliant Tables Game (nothing to do with me!), Times Tables Swat and Times Tables Snap. You can also play with a normal deck of cards: split the pack between two and play as if it were “Snap!”. Instead of shouting snap when you get the same number, the first person to shout the correct answer to the product of the two numbers wins. For example, if I turn over a 4 and you turn over a 2, the first to shout “8!” adds both cards to their hand.

3. Practise your tables during everyday activities

Try not to treat tables practice as if it were homework. Practise during normal, everyday activities, such as on the walk to school, over breakfast or during the adverts on TV.

5. Don’t forget to practise your divisions!

Learning “4 divided by 2 equals 2” is just as important as learning “2 times 2 equals 4”. In fact, it will strengthen your understanding of your times tables. If you’re testing someone on their tables, throw in some division questions now and again.

How do you like to practise your tables?

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5 Ways To Improve Your Spelling

Make sure you learn the exceptions to each spelling rule. An oft-quoted rule is “I before E except after C”. You’ll need to learn the exceptions to avoid tripping up. There’s no easy way to learn these exceptions.

Examples: height, weird

It can sometimes be helpful to break the word into syllables to help you remember the spelling. Many people get confused with the word “several” because it looks and sounds similar to “separate”. You could remember “several” by breaking it down into “sev-ER-al”. “Desperate” is another tricky one because it sounds as though it should be spelt in the same way as “separate”.

Internet forums and social networking sites are a hotbed of poor spelling and grammar. People make less effort with spelling and grammar when they’re on the internet. You may end up learning incorrect spellings without even realising it. Try to limit your exposure to English to high-quality written sources.

This is a fun one. If you’re trying to learn a particular word, look at the correct spelling first, then try writing it down with your eyes closed! It’s fun to see what your writing comes out like, but it also helps your brain to remember the action of writing the word.

My final tip is my favourite one. Take care when you’re practising the spelling of a word. Use a nice pen. Write it slowly. Create a doodle around the word. Paint it. Draw in bubble letters… Anything like this will help your brain to remember the process of spelling a word. Plus, it’s a nice relaxing way to practise!

How do you practise your spellings? Have you tried any of these techniques?

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